This is not a reproduction or reprint. This is an original poster that was meant to be displayed outside a cinema or in a lobby somewhere in the world. Some of these posters are limited runs, signed, stickered or a super rare style. Some carry the scars of being well loved, either way it will look great on your wall.

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An original 1967 Italian Locandina poster for the film Cool Hand Luke, an American prison drama film directed by Stuart Rosenberg, starring Paul Newman and featuring George Kennedy in an Oscar-winning performance. Newman puts in stellar performance as charismatic rebel Luke, a prisoner in a Florida prison camp who refuses to submit to the system.

Cool Hand Luke (1967)

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    Small (13" x 27.5") Italian Locandina


    Ercole Brini Artwork



    Good condition. It has a glossy finish which has toned over time. The edges have discolouration proabably due to it being in a frame for a long time.  There is a faint lette'B' marked in pencil on the top eadge of the whgite boarder. Small pin holes int eh corners. Slight tear in the top right corner. There is a date satmp form the local cinema at the time, whcih we think adds to the story of this old poster. Overall this poster displays very well. The price reflects the condition.

The picture you see is of the actual poster you are buying.
The metal magents on each corner are to hold the poster on the wall. They are not part of your purchase.