This is not a reproduction or reprint. This is an original poster that was meant to be displayed outside a cinema or in a lobby somewhere in the world. Some of these posters are limited runs, signed, stickered or a super rare style. Some carry the scars of being well loved, either way it will look great on your wall.

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An 2010s re-release Egyptian poster for 1972 film The Godfather, an Italian / American mafia crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, who co-wrote the screenplay with Mario Puzo, based on Puzo's best-selling 1969 novel of the same name. Widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time. It was the highest-grossing film of 1972 and was, for a time, the highest-grossing film ever made.

Cool different artwork to the international releases. We think that this poster was created in the last 10 years for an Egyptian movie theater showing classic movies (perhaps this was created for a single showing, but we really don't know). It was consigned from Egypt, but we know nothing more about its history.

The Godfather (2010R)

  • SIZE

    Large (71cm x 106 cm) Egyptian


    Good condition. The poster has light creases along the folds. Folded as issued.

The picture you see is of the actual poster you are buying.
The metal magents on each corner are to hold the poster on the wall. They are not part of your purchase.