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An original 1980's re-release movie poster for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a 1975 cult classic comedy, musical starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, director Jim Sharman and writer Richard O’Brien. This film became the most popular midnight film of all time, showing continually since 1975, making it the longest theatrical run in history. At the midnight showings, not only do the patrons dress up as cast members, they also bring props. The title 'a different set of Jaws'  is a comic nod to the Steven Spielberg film 'Jaws' that was released earlier that year.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1980's)

  • Large (27" x 41") U.S one sheet

  • Near mint. Unfolded

The picture you see is of the actual poster you are buying.
The metal magents on each corner are to hold the poster on the wall. They are not part of your purchase.

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