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An original super rare 1996 poster for the release of Day Tripper a snowboard movie made by room and Board productions.  This movie was a project that is close to my hear as I (Christian Stevenson) was part of the production team that made it. From Vale, Colorado we bought 1976 Bluebird international school bus, and travelled around North America for whole year with some legend snowboarders : Travis Parker, Axel Pauporte, David Vincent, Chris Moran, Neil McNabb, Danny Wheeler, Yannicka Mevet, Josh Heminger, Travis Young. We captured some amazing moments on and off the moutain. We went Heli boarding in Russia, and around Vancouver, Canada. We  went through 6 starting motors, 11 batteries and three engines. We barely made it back home.

Great snowboarding with a stonking soundtrack.

Day Tripper (1996)

  • Large (20" x 30")

  • Excellent condition. Rolled, never been folded.

The picture you see is of the actual poster you are buying.
The metal magents on each corner are to hold the poster on the wall. They are not part of your purchase.

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