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An original 1975 Egyptian first release poster for King Kong V's Godzilla, a 1962 Ishiro Honda Toho Japanese kaiju battling rubbery monsters sci-fi thriller. In the film, as Godzilla is reawakened by an American submarine, a pharmaceutical company captures King Kong for promotional uses, which culminates in a battle on Mount Fuji.

The film remains the most attended Godzilla film in Japan to date, and is credited with encouraging Toho to prioritize the continuation of the Godzilla series after seven years of dormancy after Godzilla Raids Again in 1955.

King Kong V's Godzilla (1975)

  • Large (70cm x 100cm) Egyptian one sheet

  • Very good condition. The poster was previously folded but has been laid flat for a long time. It has some slight rippling along the right edge and some staining discolouration at lower right. Some edge wear on the top right corner.

The picture you see is of the actual poster you are buying.
The metal magents on each corner are to hold the poster on the wall. They are not part of your purchase.

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